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We offer both Online and Personal Services which includes Image Consultations, Personal Development Courses, Life Coaching as well Personal Branding consultation. Please scroll down to see our full selection of services offered.

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We offer the following specialised consultations.


Personal branding is one of our sought after consultations as it combines image profiling, life coaching and psychology theory to elevate you to your next level. By combining these elements we are using a holistic approach and able to identify areas which are stagnant in your life and providing the resources and tools that will assist you in achieving your goals. It comes highly recommended and is life transforming. This course is completed over a number of sessions depending on your specific needs and the package pricing is structured as such. An initial FREE and non-obligatory consultation is offered in order to establish your specific needs.


A personal shopping consultation whereby we select outfits for you based on your individual colour and style profile. These can be done for an occasion, a new wardrobe or for seasonal shopping requirements. This is done based on your individual lifestyle and budget requirements. Please note theat the pricing for the consultation excludes the cost of the items purchased.


We can do a complete wardrobe makeover or an audit by keeping what works and replacing what doesn’t. You will have a new and refreshing wardrobe that is fitting and styled according to your unique physique and lifestyle.  


These can be done for a birthday spoil, a gift to a loved one, for a special event or just to update your look. If you are wanting for a new and modern look then this consultation is for you. 


These are great for styling you for a special occasion be it an anniversary celebration, birthday party, important work event or even complete styling for a holiday. We also do styling for weddings which includes the complete bridal party, from choosing the attire to completing the look with make-up and hair styling we offer a complete package!

Terms & Conditions

Please note:
All our online consultations are done through email communication except for the Virtual Stylist which can be done via email, sms, or any available electronic communication platform. We will require specific information to be emailed to us in order to do process your online profile package. The specific required information will be sent to you after ordering your online profile.

Please note: No refunds allowed.