Personal Consulting

Personal image and appearance effects every area of our lives personally and professionally. Since we are first judged on our appearance it is important to reflect your best image. The following consultations will assist you to portray a stylish, well-groomed, and modern look which is essential in creating a confident self-image.


This consultation identifies and analysethe best colours for your wardrobe, makeup, hair, jewellery and accessories. By identifying your colour palette you can shop and wear colour confidently. This consultation also details the psychology and effects of colour.


The style consultation will identify and analyse the best styles for your body shape, face shape, height, and overall physique. It also identifies your dress personality ensuring that you not only look great but are also comfortable in keeping with your personal style.


This consultation identifies both your individual colour and style preferences to ensure that you look and feel great wearing what suits you best according to your body shape and applying your individual colour profile. It covers everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, patterns and prints, and hairstyles.


Covers everything from head to toe regarding your image, personal grooming, verbal and non-verbal communication, and social and business etiquette.


Makeovers can be done for your entire wardrobe or for a special occasion.


This is an all-inclusive service that caters for the entire bridal party. We identify and assist the bride in her creating or finding her ideal bridal gown as well as creating or sourcing attire for the entire bridal party. We also assist with all aspects of the wedding such as venue décor, flowers, etc. in order to keep the theme consistent throughout all areas. 


We offer personalised shopping consultations and assist with seasonal wardrobes, special events or a complete wardrobe makeover. We offer practical assistance by guiding you in purchasing items that will fit your unique profile, budget and lifestyle.


We design and create garments for any occasion whether it is a special event or your everyday wardrobe. This service is great for anyone struggling to find suitable items at retail stores or if you want a unique garment created for a special event.


In the same manner that a company creates a brand in order to set their company apart in their industry, personal branding is an intentional process to set an individual apart to achieve their personal and career goals.Thisconsultation employs life coaching tools, image principles and psychological theory. It identifies personal and career goals and provides tools to implement these. It looks at all areas effecting your personal brand and gives practical tools to get you from where you are to where you would like to be.


Every day responsibilities have a way of distracting us from our goals and desires. Life coaching is a tool used to assist you in identifying your goals and how to follow it through within a specified framework and timeframe. Life coaching empowers you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.We offer life coaching for the following areas:

Personal- loss, bereavement, stress management, time management, family/work balance

Career and Business–retrenchment, new business, career change, career growth and promotion

Relationships – New relationships, maintain and growing relationships, problems in relationships

Spiritual – spiritual growth, discovery, identity